Studio Abbasi is a design studio based in Tehran and Toronto known with its well-known works for creditable Iranian brands. Having founded by the internationally-known Iranian designer, Majid Abbasi, SA benefits a more-than-two-decade experience of creating outstanding designs for numerous Iranian and international clients. Studio Abbasi covers a wide range of design solutions such as corporate identity system, brand visual identity, brand packaging, website, design management and consulting.
The founder and design director of SA, Majid Abbasi, further to his reputation for artistic and cultural projects, actively contributes to the international design scene as an instructor, jury member, curator and writer. He has been editor-in-chief of Neshan, the leading Iranian graphic design magazine since 2010. Majid has been members of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS) since 1998 and Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) since 2009.

What we do is empowering businesses to be understood and make impact through design. The business of design should produce irreplaceable tools in encouraging performance for enterprise rather than being just a craft. SA believe that businesses in Iran have not been given the chance to understand the importance of design in their performance – financially or socially.
The responsibility primarily lies with the design industry who have not been able to communicate this fact effectively to the Iranian enterprises. SA creates propositions unique to intended persona of what would be a brand!

- Corporate Identity System Design
- Brand Identity Design
- Visual Brand Development
- Environmental Graphics
- Integrated Signage System Design
- Brand Packaging Solution
- Creative Communication and Design
- Website Design and Development
- Mobile Apps Design and Development