Behrizan, A Successful Story

Two decades after the foundation of Behrizan Company, in 1995, its door handle brand won one of the greatest market shares of this industry in Iran. Back then, we designed Behrizan brand’s visual identity and packaging in a differentiated, useful, and comprehensible style. The new design became an innovative model in the visual identity design of this industry’s brands and their respective producers.
After twenty years, in 2015, the brand’s visual identity was redesigned based on the new changes in the market, in addition to the client’s needs.

Redesigning the visual identity led to a revision in the form and function of packaging. During the past twenty years, the abundance of packages and the appearance of various sub-brands with different quality levels had imposed certain costs on the client, coupled with the creation of inventory problems.
On the other hand, the handles were not placed in a regular, appropriate way in the boxes. Hence, when the package was opened, the disorder of the items inside it overshadowed the elegance of the handles, in addition to endamaging the handles.

Solution: One Box – Multiple Inserts!
Decreasing the number of the boxes reduced the inventory problems. Designing various interior inserts based on the form and size of the handles contributed to the unity and harmony of the packages and created a proper viewing angle for each door handle.
Needless to use any type of glue, the boxes and inserts are made only with the help of simple perforates, folds, and cuttings, therefore, having the highest compatibility with the environment, in addition to increasing the production and manufacture speed. Beside the aforementioned characteristics, the new packaging—with a quality comparable with the Italian and German models—has led to a significant decrease in costs. Now innovation in form and function has turned into Behrizan’s competitive advantage.


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