A Gift from Nature

Amelon biodegradable disposable dinnerware
Amelon is the brand of biodegradable and disposable dinnerware with green material (made from corn starch). Degraded within a few months, Amelon’s compostable products fertilize the soil after decay. Kimia Samaneh Sabz Company its manufacturer, pioneers this method of production.
The traditional production of plastic cutlery (degraded within 300 years) entails extensive fossil fuel consumption; while, the new technology, which uses corn instead of petroleum derivatives, considerably reduces the dependence of packaging industry on nonrenewable fossil fuels, in addition to shortening the degradation period. Today, the mass supply of plastic disposable dishes, with common plastic packages and no proper design, is not only unsanitary, but also unattractive in the queues of the shops.

Designing the packaging of Amelon biodegradable disposables with “A gift from nature” tagline required a targeted, thoughtful, and creative approach and a fair price. The goal was to diverge from the common, inappropriate plastic packages and to display the brand’s real distinctions through the visual identity of Amelon brand. Moreover, the product’s appearance and character were uniquely highlighted within the target market.

According to the consumer insight studies and Amelon brand’s identity strategy, the main features of these products are their green material, hygiene, and fast pace of degradation; hence, bearing the “A gift from nature” tagline. In response to this brand strategy, Amelon packaging was designed in a way that recalled its being green and healthy.
The next goal was to make the number of products in each package more utile and congruous with the needs of the consumers. This involved custom-built packaging design based on the size of the dishes and the amount convenient for the consumers. Such efforts led to the full differentiation of green disposable Amelon dinnerware from the existing disposable dishes or even the other plant-based disposable cutlery.


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